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Jon Colbrone
Despite being successful in business following a university degree and working in various EU countries, Jon developed a passion for bike mechanics and the bike trade. Following attendance at a Bike-Inn bike mechanics course six or more years ago, he quickly set up a successful business as Helmwind Cycles in Milburn, Cumbria. Because of this and various meetings following, (in effect monitoring his progress), Alf and Teresa recognised him as a person capable of teaching. As a consequence he was invited and accepted a position of assistant instructor. During his time with us he has become an asset developing skills with hydraulics, electronics and advanced bike mechanics. In short, he has enhanced the quality of the Bike-Inn courses enormously. It pleases us that he is taking on the responsibility of maintaining the tremendously high standard of Bike-Inn bike mechanics courses.

Alf Webb - 1950s style

Our names are Alf & Teresa Webb and our interest - as well as our business - is cycling. We have been involved in cycling all our lives and have been teaching bicycle mechanics since 1991 on a full-time basis. Our Bike Maintenance Courses at ‘The Bike-Inn’ are recognised as the leading courses in the UK. We also supply ‘Specialist Bicycle Tools’ and Equipment on our ‘Webbline-UK’ Site.Take a look at our catalogue in the ‘order form’ section, the range we offer is quite amazing.

Teresa Webb - Heart of the Bike-Inn

For the past 27 years, Teresa has been the very heart of the organisation. But now Teresa feels the time has come to slow down and allow Jon Colborne to take more of a leading role. We will not allow Teresa with her profound knowledge to fade into obscurity. Teresa will still be available to anyone needing advice and guidance. As the old adage says ‘ You cannot keep a good man (woman!) down.’