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Of the 70 or so people that, per year, attend our City & Guilds and Certificate of Attainment courses – many are going in to the bike business in some way or other. We help them set up to enable them to start earning within a week or so of leaving us.

A large percentage (it must be 95% now) of our bookings are folks going in to the bike trade in one way or another. With our instruction and long on-going assistance they have succeeded.

The best mechanics are fully trained. It is us that train them!

The many reasons for attending our courses are:
* Wanting ones 'own business'. * Opening or taking over a shop
* Being ones 'own boss'. * Setting up a repair business
* Unemployed. * Charity work – recycling, etc
* Redundancy * 'Kids off the street' type of project
* Supplement a pension * Savings in doing their own repairs
* Paying hobby * Achieving a qualification

Our courses teach you just about all you need to know: We have the equipment here to teach with! – Not just 'tell you about it'!

We run five different courses. The City & Guilds is a Certified Course (VRQ) accredited by Ofqual as a Government recognised qualification. This is part of our Certificate of Attainment instruction.

Our courses cover servicing and repair of:
* All brake systems – including hydraulic * All gear systems – inc electronic
* Wheel building – all configurations * All bottom bracket & chainset types
* All types of steering * Frame prep’ – threading, reaming
* All hub and rim types. * 'facing, etc
and much more!  

We assist with suppliers;

On completion of the course we will give you a list of wholesalers that will supply you immediately without need for bank or trade references. We hold such respect from the suppliers that they will grant you an account just on our say-so. Our assistance, help and advice is long on-going after you have left us.


We have set up a situation with a company on your behalf for you to obtain insurance. This is often difficult for first time business. Especially mobile repairers.

Corrine Lange. 31.10.2012: “Anthony has sorted us out for home and business insurances. Can't recommend him enough for his helpful approach to our problem"

All the above is just some of the ways we help our students!!

Alf Webb, Teresa Web, Jon Colborne and David Morton.