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Bike Inn Bicycle Problem Diagnosis Chapter 2 Cover   Over many long years, we at the Bike-Inn have seen pretty much every mechanical problem you've ever heard of, or for that matter liable to come across while servicing bikes of all shapes, sizes and components! It occured to us that all of this valuable knowledge just shouldn't go to waste, that would be a travesty! So we've decided to compile all of those tiny quirks, little intricacies and the 'just not explained' into a highly professional manual that can be downloaded in 'bite- sized' modules for you to build into possibly the best bike service masterclass that you are ever likely to come across.

Chapter 1 is FREE to download to see the quality of information contained in this exciting new departure for us at the Bike-Inn. Look down the list of subjects available and start downloading your required section. Once you pay for a Chapter you will be able to download a high resolution version which you can either keep on file or print out to build into a master maintenance guide the like of which has not been seen before.

Single Chapters cost just £4.99 per Chapter

Instructions to purchase:
1 Select the chapter you would like to download - this does not have to be sequentially
2 Press the buy now button of your required Chapter
3 You can then pay for the Chapter via PayPal at just £4.99 an issue
4 Once you have paid you must Click 'Return to Bike Inn Website'
5 You will be taken to a page where you will be able to download your selected chapter and where you will receive the code to open the PDF.
After paying on PayPal you must return here to get download
Chapter 1: 	Cranks & Bottom Brackets - Free /></td>
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Chapter 2: Brakes
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Chapter 9
After paying on PayPal you must return here to get download