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I decided soon after the course to go it alone (Kate, initially, was starting with a partner – Alf) having been really pleased with the positive responses I have had. …seem to have fallen in to a local niche with the maintenance of ladies bikes….I have not solicited business, having done a few jobs for friends…, everyone seems to be recommending me to lady friends.…keeping you up to date with my progress which would never have happened without your wonderful tuition.
Kate Ross-Smith 22.3.2012.

The mobile business has been snowballing very nicely over the past few weeks. It has been such a good feeling being my own boss and going to people who share the same interest.. They are so pleased when you turn up and service their bikes. It’s still early days but I have a good feeling for the future and lots of ideas that will help progress. G P – Jan 2012 course.
(He then goes on to say that with business building so well he is cutting his full employment hours to concentrate on his repair work – Alf).

Hi Alf and Teresa. Just a big thank you for a very good course. As a retired teacher I’ve been to many courses over the years. The majority were ‘crap’ with providers thinking they were the bees knees. Yours was just right. A good balance of theory, practical and good ‘banter’. So when you go on a course where the providers are extremely knowledgeable and the content spot on it is quite refreshing. I really enjoyed it and gained a huge amount of knowledge and confidence with fixing bikes. SL – June 2012

Dear Teresa and Alf. Thank you for an outstanding and memorable fortnight. I don’t think that I have ever enjoyed learning so much – your approach and delivery is simply captivating. I am really grateful for a terrific time with you and consider myself privileged to have attended one of your courses, (Vice admiral Sir R L. KBE CB DSE MSE March 2011)

Further note dated 15.12.2011: I’m delighted and not surprised to hear that the courses remain as popular as ever. You are both such inspiring teachers that the word has spread far and wide.

Further note following his three days with us in Aug 2016 for a ‘Retro’ course: It was such a pleasure and privilege to spend time with you both. I have, once again, thoroughly enjoyed it, learned lots, and derived huge benefits. As I said this morning: you really are inspirational. I am not surprised your courses are increasing in demand.

Firstly a huge thank you for a fantastic course and an immensely enjoyable and informative 2 weeks. My confidence to commence with mobile business is sky high thanks to the great instruction from you both.

Forgive me, Alf as your instruction was truly outstanding but I must especially thank Teresa for the wheel building which I thoroughly enjoyed. It has been a breeze to set up. – M T Aug 2013

Made it back to Devon!! (snow did not stop her from attending and returning! – Alf). Thank you SO much for the past two weeks. I drove home absolutely buzzing. I am so pleased to have left The Bike Inn with so much knowledge passed down to me! I know I still have lots to learn which will come with experience, but I feel I am well equipped and feel confident to tackle most things. L H – Jan 2013 course.

Many thanks for a fantastic learning experience that has changed my life. I feel honored to have had the opportunity to absorb some of your bike repair wisdom. All I learned will go to good use in Oslo. As ‘The Bike Kitchen’ establishes itself. I will be sure to keep you posted. In September I am travelling to south Sweden to present the work we are doing in Oslo and will be sure to mention your course. DG – July 2013 course. Dayton is from The USA and has been working in Norway for some years, setting up a charity and teaching establishment for bike mechanics.

We did not get any of this on the Cytech 2 course! Carol Green –2012 -commenting on skills learnt early in the course

Can’t thank you, Teresa, Neil and Jon enough. Great fun and highly educational fortnight. (MD. March 2016). Mick came back a week later to buy his tools for setting up his shop. Mobile in the meantime and said he had a dozen jobs already!

Many thanks again. Jeff absolutely loved the course and has come back all guns blazing. Once again a testament to how you and Teresa are at bringing out the best in mechanics (Pete McDonagh – HMPS. We helped him set up.

Went in to a shop to buy a part. When I told the owner that I had done a course with you, he gave me a job!” (SB – March 2016) (This was just a few days after leaving us – Alf).

.. to say of all the courses I have done in my time (he was ex SBS! – Alf) yours is without doubt the best course I have done. It was not about how intense it was, (you did warn us), apart from the wheel bldg. – I soon got over that. (became a good wh bldr – Alf) It was the stories from Alf and experiences from Teresa that made this a great course. Also the great team of Jon and Neil who helped you. In all I would highly recommend this course to all so thank you for the knowledge and the laughs, (MD Aug 2016 What he means is that we are not so clinical that we cannot have a lot of enjoyment during the day. We try to make it fun and enjoyable also - Alf