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Helmwind Cycles

Should you want to buy tools from us, we are pleased to advise you with an honest understanding of what you will require for your project. We will not steer you toward buying expensive and little used tools. They can be purchased at a later date as/when you feel you can afford them and actually need them!

Being the importer, major distributor or manufacturer we are much cheaper without loss of quality.

We manufacture on our own premises:

Wheel Jigs
Dishing Gauges
Handle-Bar Retainers
Tap Holders

We use and sell them so know what is best without the massive expense some ask and the frail equipment some sell as 'work-shop' quality!

Made for Webbline by a reputable Indian Company:

Taps and dies. These are actual cutting taps and dies which means they are very precise and accurate. But at a cost no more than expensive 'clearing taps' sold by major companies. We know the company. We have seen the tools being manufactured.

We import under our own licence:

General tools made by a manufacturer in Taiwan; Some of which are sold by a well known American company (but without their name stamped thereon) at as much as double or more the prices we ask.

We supply tools from Weldtite Ltd - A British Company:

Cyclo Tools and Spares.
Cleaning Materials and Lubricants

Cyclus tools:

We are UK distributors importing direct from Germany. Hence Webbline are able to sell at 50% off actual retail prices.

We will guide and sell you the correct tools for the job! You will not be 'persuaded' to buy expensive tools that you 'might need at some time' (?!). The tools we sell are top quality but without the price.