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Bike-Inn Certificate of Attainment

Certificate of Attainment

Bike-Inn have been setting the highest level of instruction for mechanics courses since June 1991. Many others have tried - and are still trying - to reach our level of competence and experience.

We teach to a higher standard that that known as 'level 2' City and Guilds!

The highest standards and skills required in present day bicycle mechanics is essential.

Hence our Certificate of Attainment.

Our Certificate of Attainment is far above any other 'accreditation' or curriculum offered by other companies. In short - it is what is needed if you are considering entering the bike trade.
All the City & Guilds curriculum and assessments are included within the Certificate of Attainment and become part of the accreditation.
Our first Certificate of Attainment course - 2010 - immediatley became the leading instructional course and is now known and recognised in the UK and many other countries.
With the constant development of bikes and components we saw the need to up-grade the Certificate of Attainment again to include the technology of carbon frames and components, electronic gearing, press-fit bottom brackets, etc

Looking to enter the trade as self-employed or seeking a job?
You need our Certificate of Attainment.

For brief details on both courses:-

City and Guilds level 2 and Certificate of Attainment, go to our 'training dates'.

For more in-depth and full information get in touch with us at enquires@bike-inn.co.uk