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We run our top quality Courses and Seminars throughout the year, we cater for all abilities. The courses run from the first date shown for 2 weeks, if you are unable to commit to a full 2 weeks at a time it is possible, (with advance notice) to complete the 2nd week of your course later in the same year and still achieve full course qualification.
If you have any questions please e-mail us on enquiries@bike-inn.co.uk or telephone us on 01406 371273.

Government recognised Vocational Related Qualification (VRQ).
Persons who are currently unemployed or seeking retraining may be eligible for trade funding on our courses. For further information please see the ‘Funding Information’ notes at the bottom of this page.

Bike-Inn 'Certificate of Attainment' 2017 - £1890 (Inc City & Guilds level ‘2’ Cert).
Ten Day City & Guilds Certificate 2017 - £1690 (City & Guilds Level ‘2’ Cert)
Five Day Standard: 2017 - £590.
Three Day Wheel Building 2017 - £490 (Inc City & Guilds Accreditation
Two Day Seminar (General Maintenance): 2017 - £220 per Seminar.
One Day Seminar (Hydraulics): 2017 - £125 per Seminar.
Course Dates and Seminars for 2017 and 2018
2 week Courses - 10 Working Days - Monday to Fridays:
16th October - 27th October - FULL
4th December - 15th December - Some Places
6th November - 17th November - FULL  
Course Dates and Seminars for 2018
2 week Courses - 10 Working Days - Monday to Fridays:
(10 Working Days - Monday to Fridays):
15th January - 26th January
14th May - 25th May
12th March - 23rd March 11th June - 22nd June
9th April - 20th April
Later date courses to be confirmed
Two day and Five Day Standard Seminars 2017
Dates to be confirmed in 2017
1 Day Hydraulics Seminar
To be held on Monday of the second week
3 Day Wheel Building Course
The three day wheel building course is Wednesday to Friday of the first week of the ten day course
Funding Information

The accreditation is a VRQ -
Vocational Related Qualification
This means the Bike-Inn Course is a Government
Recognised qualification for funding.

The Information you will need is
The Course heading is ‘Bicycle Mechanics’
VRQ accreditation Number: 600/0660/02
C&G accreditation Number: 3902 - 28