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Helmwind Cycles
At Bike-Inn we have now produced two excellent courses on Cycle Maintenance - Wheel Building and Cycle Maintenance & Roadside Repairs These are available to buy individually (supplied on USB sticks) or you can purchase both for the great value price of only £38.50 (inc. p&p)

If you purchase £40 worth of Tools from our webbline site,
you'll receive a Maintenance USB totally FREE!

If you purchase £40 worth of Wheel Building Tools form our webbline site,
you'll receive a Wheel Building USB totally FREE!

For all of these great value offers please contact us on +44 (0)1406 371273
Wheel Building
Good Quality Wheel Building made easy.
Whether you build for yourself or for business, you can be the best! Many of our students now have excellent reputations for wheel-building and have established it as a profitable part of their business. Others have wanted only the satisfaction of building their own wheels.

Now you can follow in their footsteps! Follow the Experts on computer to become a good Wheel Builder.

Price: £22.50 inc. p&p.
General Maintenance & Roadside Repairs
Keep your Bicycle as fit as you are!
Whether you maintain your own bicycle, those of your friends, or if you do it as a part-time or full-time business, you owe it to yourself to be trained by the best!

Price: £19.95 inc. p&p.